Auto Paint Shop

Virgil’s Auto Body & Paint utilizes state of the art equipment, including a professional down draft spray booth to ensure the paint on your vehicle looks and lasts like it did from the factory. The full down draft spray booth is designed so the air enters through the ceiling intake filters and moves vertically, from the top of the booth to the bottom of the booth, enveloping the vehicle with clean, filtered air. Overspray from the painting process is then pulled down through the floor grates and captured by the exhaust filters underneath.

Understanding the Spray & Bake (Cure) Cycle

During the finish spraying cycle, our direct-fired system typically provides 100% outside air that is temperature controlled to between 60° and 90° F and supplied in constant high volume for maximum booth ventilation.

During the finish baking cycle, our direct-fired system typically provides either reduced volume 100% outside air or a higher volume 80/20 blend of recirculated air and outside air that is heated to between 80° and 200° F and supplied to reduce finish drying and curing times.